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We are happy to inform you that AUC: Asian Journal of Religious Studies (AUC: AJRS) has gone online from 2015 onwards. Read all the article by clicking on the links above. In 1955 it started as a print edition. Please click on the year to read the articles.

Archiving of the Journal

All the articles of this journal from 2015 are achieved at:

  • Papal Seminary's Library

  • Our Sister Institute, Jnana Deepa's Library (

  • Papal Seminary's Institutional Google Drive ([email protected])

  • Papal Seminary's Institutional One Drive ([email protected])

  • CERN's Zenodo

  • Journal's Website

Repository Policy

The versions of the article are stored both in CERN's Zenodo. The different versions are also updated in the journal's G-Drive and One-Drive.