AUC: Asian Journal of Religious Studies

ISSN P-2249-1503 |E-2582-791X | Papal Seminary, Pune 411014, India

The Journal

AUC: Asian Journal of Religious Studies is a pastoral journal for Christian leaders. It is a bimonthly published from the Papal Seminary, Pune 411014, India. Inspiring and academic articles beneficial for Christian leaders are published in our journal.

It tries to be pastoral and missionary in its approach without sacrificing academic rigour and quality.

Former Names


  • Apostolic Union for Clergy

  • Asian Journal for Priests and Religious

Founder: Robert Criem (1955)

Former Editors

  • Robert Criem

  • Lionel Mascarenhas

  • Kurien Kunnumpuram


ISSN: P-2249-1503

ISSN: E-2582-791X

LCCN: 2015307665

OCLC: 908683560


Starting Year:1955 (As newsletter, AUMOL)

Abbr Title: AUC : Asian j. religious stud.

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Our Vision

AUC: Asian Journal of Religious Studies (AJRS) caters to the spiritual and intellectual needs of Christian leaders, including priests, religious and religious leaders. Our mission is foster critical reflection leading to commitment to God and to fellow-human beings. It looks on contemporary world and takes critical look through the lens of Christian experience.

Therefore, AUC: AJRS:

  • Deepens the experience of the Divine in every event and persons

  • Fosters dialogue with others

  • Embraces diversity as enabling

  • Promotes inclusivity that leads to harmony, peace and fulfilment

  • Interprets events from Biblical or Christian perspective of love.

  • Discerns the hand of God in everything.

  • Embraces rational thinking discussion and debate to solve our problems.

  • Challenges to face difficulties with faith, hope and love.

Papal Seminary

AUC: AJRS Nov-Dec 2022 issue is published. Read

AJRS is owned by Papal Seminary, Pune, India

Papal Seminary, Pune, India, is a Catholic educational institute, primarily meant for the training of future priests of India. At the moment it caters to the formation of about 180 Seminarians from all over India.

  • Rector: Rev Bhausaheb Sansare SJ

  • Administrator: Rev Vincent Crasta SJ

  • Treasurer: Rev VM Jose SJ

  • Editor: Prof Dr Kuruvilla Pandikattu Joseph

You can read the online journal here.


Please note that AUC: AJRS is not in the list of UGC-Care journals.

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